I have an RGD321 for sale/trade. I'm looking more for sales since I like to actually hold a guitar before buying it (so, if you're in, or willing to travel toward, Central Illinois, maybe we can work something out). It's a 26.5" scale, and I'm basically looking for a standard scale guitar. It's great for rhythm work, but I'm trying to learn lead and my hands are hurting from the stretch. It's fitted with EMGs (81/85) with one master volume only (but I have all the quick connect parts), but I also have the stock VK1/2 that came with it and can reinstall them pretty easy if you're into passives and coil splitting and all that. The EMGs are modified for direct mount. $300+shipping


I also have an MXR GT-OD pedal. Sounds really good but I no longer use an amp (just plugins), and in the mix, I can tweak more if I don't have a pedal out front anyway. It's comparable to a tubescreamer and especially well suited for tube amps. Great sounding pedal. I'll include a One-Spot 9V adapter. Lightly used, never gigged. $50 + shipping

In addition, I have an MXR 10-band EQ with adapter. The pedal is used, but works perfectly. The adapter is brand new (it requires an 18V adapter, so I couldn't use the OneSpot with it, unfortunately). All the LEDs light up, and it does exactly what an EQ is supposed to do. Heavy duty case. Great pedal. Again, no amp, so it's kind of useless to me. $75 + shipping.