Hey there! This is my first post at UG. I originally registered because I'm finishing up some transcriptions that I'd like to share in the near future (some Guthrie Govan and Al Di Meola, if anyone is interested!), but I happened to come across this Classifieds board, and seeing as I'm trying to sell a guitar, I figured I might as well post!

Anyway, for sale I have a vintage PRS Custom 24. Made in 1993, this thing is nearly two decades old! (Coincidentally, it was made the same year I was born! Pretty cool!) It plays, however, like it was just made. This thing is in crazy condition for being 19 years old. This is a serious and unfathomably badass guitar that plays as good as it looks. It has sustain for days as well as perfect intonation, action and playability. Perfect for PRS collectors, vintage guitar collectors and serious musicians.

All pictures of the guitar can bee seen here (didn't want to make this post TOO large...) : http://s1309.beta.photobucket.com/user/jcmyint/library/PRS%20Custom%2024


-Very rare "Angry Larry" finish
-Gorgeous flame maple top
-One piece mahogany neck, regular shape
-One piece mahogany back
-10" radius Indian rosewood fretboard
-Set neck
-Mother-of-pearl and abalone moon inlays
-HFS Treble and Vintage Bass humbuckers
-PRS trem system
-Schaller/PRS locking tuners
-Low friction nut
-Serial # - 317357
-Comes with original PRS hardshell case and tremolo arm

I did a bit of research, and found some very interesting things. This guitar was made in the Annapolis factory, before they moved to their current factory in 1996. The amazing thing about that is the crew that made this guitar is the crew that make the guitars that are now considered the "Private Reserve" collection! Ask them to make you a guitar today and it'll run you about $8k, apparently!

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a CE24. CE24s have bolt-on necks and dot inlays. This guitar has neither of those.

There are four more than minor (I don't think calling them "major" is quite appropriate) battle scars on this baby. The first is on the front, in between the knobs. It can be seen in photo #14. It's a very miniscule dent in the finish that is grey colored. The second is a fairly noticeable chip in the back, which can be seen in photo # 4. The third is a chip in the paint on the bottom, which can be seen in photo # 15. And the last is some wear on the headstock, which can be seen in picture # 8. I know that sounds like a lot, but honestly they're very minute, and do not detract at all from the looks or playability of the guitar!

I am willing to ship internationally, but ONLY after you've messaged me and we've discussed it.

For more information on this guitar (as well as the history of PRS guitars) please visit:*www.prsguitars.com/csc/models.html
And feel free to just search "1993 PRS Custom 24" on Google for further research!

Thanks for you interest! Please feel free to pm me with any questions or concerns. Have a great day!

P.S. I live in the Cincinnati, OH area, so you if you decide you'd like to buy this guitar and live around there, please message me and I'd be happy to meet up with you!
Dang this thread just keeps getting more and more popular! Haha bump and price lowered to $1900.