Was looking to buy an audio recorder to record me playing the guitar and possibly also a hd video recorder so I can put vids on youtube etc. I've come across the Tascam GT-R1 and wondered if anyone has experience of this or has heard anything about it.


It's obviously geared up for recording guitar rather than other audio devices that record anything. It looks like you can load MP3s on to it to play along to. Not sure how it all works or if I'd be better just getting something else. I've got a budget of £100-£150 for the audio recorder, what would be best value?

TBH, for that budget if you went used you could find a proper multitracker on eBay. That would be a far better investment than a basic handheld recorder like that.
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They're cool little things but to be honest you'd probably be better off with an audio interface, some nice guitar software, and maybe a little mic.

Check out the classifieds for a secondhand multitrack recorder if you fancy the portable route:





As for video, you can get a decent little HD webcam for about £15 these days!
Thanks for the links, will definitely read through them.

I've got a macbook pro with built in webcam but wanted a video recorder anyway for other reasons.

From what I've read thus far, garage band is as good as I need software wise for playing around with the audio, any thoughts on that? I've barely touched it so far to be honest, other than messing around looping things with the kids.
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Depends how deep you want to get into editing. There's also Audacity which I think now runs on Mac as well if you need simple audio editor for your final mix, etc.

Been having a play around with Garageband and it's really good actually. You can add an mp3 as a track and play over it, overlay videos, do multi-track recording and add software instruments and loop them e.g. drum beats. I played my guitar straight on to a new track using my Rocksmith USB cable and it worked great. You can even record in clean guitar and change effects once it is in the software. I think there's a lot of potential there and certainly enough to get me into it.