Hey everyone, today I recorded a metal track and I'm looking for general feedback on how I can get it sounding as good as possible (mixing and recording!). I'm only using really basic equipment (upgrading after christmas!), but basically the signal chain went like: Guitar/Bass - M-Audio FastTrack USB - Reaper. I then reamped the dry signal using a 6505 amp sim into a Mesa 4x4 Cab for the guitars. For drums I used Superior Drummer 2, and I added the synth parts in after through FL Studio 9. I don't think it turned out too bad, but I'd really like to get it sounding as good as possible. Any advice?

PS I don't want hate comments because it's an Asking Alexandria song haha, I just chose it because I needed something in Drop D and it was learnable in about 2 playthroughs!

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Wrong subform bro

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