Hello everyone,

I'm a hard working artist who needs some exposure. I've been working my arse of making phat beats, filthy basses and beautiful melodys for a long time now and think its about time I start making some noise about it.

While many sleep I'm busting my arse developing my skills which I have many. I play guitar, bass and keys produce in ableton and am mastering NI massive.

I'm preparing my music so that I can start gigging soon either by djing or performing haven't quite got it figured out exactly how to take this genre of music to the stage but I will, but without starting to gig and sell cds I'm not making any money out of this, what would make it better would be some listens, likes and comments on my soundcloud!

The main genres I focus on are ska and dub but am just aiming to be the best, most intricate producer that I can be. Throwing all the rules out the window and re writing the book is my plan.

I'm on a roll now my music is getting better and better with each and every track and have some amazing ideas that I want to capture, but again to keep me motivated I need those comments, likes and listens! Just knowing people are listening is enough to spur me on.

Heres my soundcloud


And heres my first mixtape which I've been working on over the past year.


Rock on my fellow music heads, and watch out in 2013 cos I'll be bringing even bigger things to the table for my 2nd mixtape,