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so, i've finally decided to get a 7string but i can't find the right one. the band that inspired me into getting one is periphery so i'll be aiming for that kind of sound. the only problem is i live in romania, so it's kinda hard to find something good around, so any help would be much appreciated.(no ibanez) thanks!
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OK, we still need to know a budget...
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Also, what gear do you have already would be helpful
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jackson just came out with a really sweet seven string soloist that might be worth checking out if you like a really thin neck, and can afford to buy it. Check there website and look for it under the soloist models and you will find it.
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budget would be about 6-700$ and as for shape i don't really care as long it's not some weird bc rich looking thing. pickups wise, would prefer passive, but i can go with actives as well
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6-700 non Ibanez? Yea, I'd go with Jackson.

But why, if I may ask, not an Ibanez?
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i don't really know why, but i was never an ibanez fan. Well, thanks for the help, after some thinking, i'm actually getting a schecter omen 8 xD