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^Guess that's why I've never seen it on telly, don't have sky or the like.
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British music = all the huge bands. I'm British citizen, grew up in Canada and lived in the states, there are cool and idiotic people everywhere, some british were complete "tossers" others were super cool, it has little to do with geography..

ps i fukin hate Friends
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Quote by WhiskeyFace
Speaking as a neutral Irishman, I can say you are both being as arrogant as each other in this thread. Pretending that you're not is arrogant.

you would say that you wannabe Brit
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Quote by bradulator
you would say that you wannabe Brit

You're lucky he's not from Northern Ireland, you would have had a bomb in the post for that comment.
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Can we stop arguing about this pointless shite?

Yeah ive not seen Seinfeld but then its an American show. I grew up on Farther Ted to a degree but i don't expect everyone from the states to have seen it, even though i do highly recommend it.
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They play Friends all the time on TV, on like 3 different stations, so I'll watch it sometimes. Honestly it isn't too bad. It does get sappy and a bit cheesy, but not nearly to the degree of other shows like HIMYM or Scrubs.
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I personally prefer British humour to American. I find American humour to be to obvious and I can usually see the punchline coming from a mile off, where as British humour tends to be more subtle. That said though I do find certain American shows to be amusing.
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I would say American shows usually > British shows
British humour > American humous

My opinion. For example, I like the jokes in little Britain, but it is made pretty badly.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

isn't French.
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Quote by Neo Evil11
I would say American shows usually > British shows
British humour > American humous

My opinion. For example, I like the jokes in little Britain, but it is made pretty badly.

Oh God Little Britain. So glad that's gone.

I kind of agree - I find British programs funnier, but I end up watching more American ones, though I think that's largely because while the Peep Show and stuff leave me about as depressed as I was going in, American sitcoms seem quite uplifting.
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Is there really such a thing as British humour? Take something like the Thick of it, which is hilarious, and something like Monty Python (which is abhorrent). Which would you say is British humour? They're both completely different.

I'd wager more people would describe Monty Python as British humour, but I'd disagree with that. Monty Python evidently has global appeal, whereas the Thick of it is clearly aimed at a British audience. The humour is by it's very purpose and nature 'British'.