Hey guys,

Has anyone used the bridges from WD Music before? I'm specifically talking about this one:


I'm guessing they outsource the production to get the low price, but I'm hard pressed to buy something I can't find a review for on google. I do like the design of if though...

There's a similar one on Stew Mac for more than double:


I also saw this guy:


Thoughts? Opinions? Discuss at length.
The key with the second one is it's fully adjustable. That's a big deal if you're using a singe piece wraparound bridge. WD Music do a bridge that is properly adjustable like that, too, and I've used that and it's very well made. Gotoh also do a version, which is even better. They do cost more, but you get what you pay for. I would suggest you go for either the WD Music or Gotoh designs.
Be careful to measure your guitar's bridge stud spacing carefully, as there are several versions of each of these bridges, made for PRS, Gibson, Gretsch, etc.
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