Hello all!

I started up a new band when i moved and we've got ourselves our first gig on the 26th January! Now, i've gigged plenty of times before as a rhythm guitarist, so i'm fine with playing at gigs.

The only difference is this time, i'm the lead singer and also the frontman!

I've never been the frontman before in my life, and i'm slightly worried as to how to interact with a crowd, so if any experienced frontmen could slip me some advice or experiences with frontmanning, it would be much appreciated.

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I'm pretty inexperienced, but I've been at it for a little while so my tips so far are:
The first gigs will be fun, but it takes a little while to settle into the role.
Give it your all, no matter how big the crowd is.
Don't get pissed.
Have fun.
Somebody mentioned speaking to the whole audience, do that.
Say thanks to the sound guy, promoters etc. if they all did a good job, if the crowd's up for it, let them cheer in between.
Encourage movement, any kind, hands in the air, jumping etc.
Don't be embarrassed or shy on stage, be BIG.

I think that's about as much as I can squeeze from my previous experience.
Well if you are stuck on what to say keep it simple and to the point to keep peoples attention. Say your band name etc and just go for it!

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Yup i've read the article, it's got a lotta useful stuff in it. I don't wanna make it too scripted or anything. Since we're opening, is there anything in particular which is quite good to say?
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I'm not a frontman, but I've been in my fair share of bands. First thing I would suggest is to always rep your band. Always mention your website, facebook page, etc. If you have any merch tell people where to get it. Tell them about what is happening with the band, are you recording, do you have another show coming up? If you are the opener, be sure to give the other bands some love, as well as the venue you are at. Other than that the general "is everyone having a good time?" line never fails. If you have a story for a particular song maybe tell the story before playing the song, keep it short, a simple this next song is called whatever, it's about a time when I whatever. One thing I would advice against is swearing too much or trying to crack too many jokes. You may swear all the time normally, but when you are addressing a crowd some people don't want to hear it, it's better to keep it clean for the most part.
Cool, thanks for the advice everyone, i think i have plenty to go on now!
We tried a full rehearsal and it went pretty well, but i'm sure i'll just pick up on the vibe on the night.
I'll post on here after the 26th and let you know how i get on!
As a frontman, there is a certain level of expected confidence and/or bravado, even bordering on cocky.

Don't sound timid or like you are desperately seeking crowd approval. Instead, the crowd should be seeking YOURS. You may be crapping your drawers, but don't let 'em see you sweat. It's a fine line to walk so that you don't come across as an arrogant dick. Don't ask the crowd for their opinion ("I hope you guys liked that last one. Do you guys wannna hear *song or band name here* ?"). Instead, give them their opinion, and then the opportunity to agree.

Don't talk too fast, or you will sound unconfident, kinda like a used car salesman.

And the crowd needs to know that you are totally into what you are doing. If there is a bit of an instrumental or solo, don't go for the water bottle as if you have nothing better to do or are trying to hide behind it. That is the time to rock out to your own music, and to become the biggest fan of your own band. YOU will set the tone as to how the audience feels enabled to enjoy your show. Just some thoughts.

Of course, different genres might have slightly different expectations. I speak mainly from a rock perspective.
Hi All!

It's been a week since my first gig, and it was a blast! The audience didn't really do anything i told them to(but what do you expect being an opener on your first gig), but we got a lot of praise and people loved my vocals! So i consider our first gig a success.

Thanks for the help everyone! I'm sure the next few gigs we got coming up will be even better!