Hi folks

I've just launched a new section of my website (bondtuition.co.uk) which offers virtual guitar lessons (with video/tabs/backing tracks etc) to those who are budget conscious, or want to learn from home.

For a mere $14.99 a month (Less than a tenner for the brits!) you get access to a brand new lesson every week, which is specifically designed for your ability level, and will help you improve. The system is fully tested and working, and I'm eager to get the ball rolling.

Therefore I'm doing an introductory offer of FIRST MONTH FREE, and only $14.99 a month after that. The monthly rate WILL be going up in the new year, but if you sign up now, you get that rate indefinitely. Want to just check it out without handing over any money? Just subscribe and unsubscribe within a month and you won't be charged a penny!

At less than $4 (£3) a lesson, you'll be getting exercises, chord progressions, improvisational ideas and riffs to help you develop. Surely that's worth a go?

If you know people who might be interested, please share this, and help me build this thing up. Here's a promotional video I did for it also, goes into more detail:


Oh Gee, Only 14.99 If I Sign Up Before The New Year? Chord Progressions, Oh Boy!!! God What A Great Deal, How Can I Pass This Up, Sweet Stuff David Thanks Mate!