Ok I have my amp with every setting on 5 except volume which is max now on my pedal I raised the toneslightly higher than half my level on max and my distortion max. Ok the lines are from guitar into thein outlet and another one from the out outlet to the amp . All I'm getting is my clean guitar and a hum in the background.I'm thinking that since my amp is bass and guitar it doesn't work but I haven't tried onmy bass oh I am sure its charged the light turns on when I connect the line and the hum stars when I use the foot switch. My amp has in the back an phones outlet and a line out outlet. So as my final attempt I raised every setting to max I got a huge feedback. Help please
your post is super hard to follow....

start by telling us what pedal you have. Are you using a battery or power supply? have you tested to make sure that the amp works with no pedal/different cords?