That's just heavy plucking and heavy emphasis on high mids and highs.

Also low action will get you that sound.
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Lots of highs, lots of mids - sounds like there's a bit of overdrive/distortion/fuzz thrown in there as well. Might be something along the lines of a Sansamp BDDI.
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It's not so much about heavy plucking as it is about using the right technique. The guy in the video was hitting the strings in a strong downward* motion (rather than just grazing over the top of the strings or pulling the string up and releasing like a pluck or the "pop" technique).

What gear are you using?

*as in towards the body, not actually physically downward.
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my bass amp is a decoud and my bass is sx, not sure if theyre good or not, i think theyre nothing special, but not that bad
my friend has that bass, it also generally just sounds like that right off the bat but as said before part of it is technique and also strong emphasis on mids
stupid low action, hit the strings hard
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New strings. Maybe a bit overdrive.
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actually, this seems to be the way I pluck the strings "normally" because I never met another bassplayer who would show me how to pluck properly
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Doug Johns can sound like the most insane slapper when in fact he is playing fingerstyle:



I don't know how he does it, but he is proof that it can be done. As others have said, it is all about technique.

When is this guy going to make an instructional DVD? The bass world waits!
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I don't know how he does it, but he is proof that it can be done. As others have said, it is all about technique.

no offense, but isnt just the same "technique" stanley clarke is using all the time except he runs a different setup with a different sound?
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Perhaps in the video, but you'd have to see him play to believe what he can do. When I met him, he had his back to me and was playing and tweaking his amp settings. From the sound of it, I thought he was slapping the living shit out of the strings. But then he turned around and introduced himself; still playing; still sounding like he was running a major slap-fest, only he was playing fingerstyle and barely moving his right hand. I couldn't believe it, but there he was, doing it. Seeing is believing!

The guy is freaking unbelievable, and he definitely can do what the TS is looking to learn.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
Get the action to sub 1mm on the Hgh C and Sub 2mm on the low B and play over high frets.

The width of the movement of the strings will natually hit the frets and sound like you are tearing the speaker frame out of the cabinet, strinking downwards will sound like you are then beating the frame profusely.