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I put 2 new synth songs in my music website: "Looking For Clues" is the song on top, and "People Drive" is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review my music, I will review yours, I promise! Here is the link:


(Normally soundclick is reliable, though occasionally it messes up. "Looking For Clues" should play for 3:32, and "People Drive" should play for 2:50)
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Looking for Clues:
I don't have much experience with synth music, but I really enjoyed this. It started out reminding me of old-school John Carpenter soundtracks, but then the vocals kicked in and it was something different entirely (in a good way). Very groovy
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Lookin for clues sounds really cool. Vocals were good and fit the song perfectly. Not really a fan of electronic music but i bet people who like that type of stuff will be into your songs.
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Looking for Clues: Cool stuff. Kind of catchy. I'm not that big on synths either, but I thought it had a nice groove to it. Real good quality, too.

People Drive: Also very well put together, though I can't say it moved me in any way. That's probably just because it isn't my type of music, but I kind of just sat there feeling nothing while listening. But again, impressive quality!
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Well done! It's got a bit of an industrial sound to it. Reminds me of early Ministry. Listened to both songs and liked both. Mix levels and production quality are excellent.

I personally would like to hear both with the synth sounds made to be a little dirtier. They sound a little out of the box and kind of stock. "Rougher, dirtier, darker, scratchier", whatever you want to call it, sounds obtained by modifying or changing the synth sounds would go well with the other sounds in the tracks and the vocal style. Think NIN, or something along those lines, but again, that's just my opinion.

Much props for being original... you and/or your group have your own unique sound for sure.

C4C please: http://

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Ha this is pretty kickass. Totally 80s synth going on in the first one mixed with some Pink Floyd'y vocals. I can dig it. In fact, I can love it. This is pretty sweet.
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i;m ALWAYS impressed by your stuff bro...looking for clues was fantastic,you have such a natural gift and a knack for this type of style...cool synth vibes and nice delivery on the vocals...and overall well composed
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Gave looking for clues a listen, I don't really know what to say what hasn't already been said. The music and vocals fitted well, it was well pretty well produced and despite knowing nothing about synth music everything seemed to work. As always Aaron, sounding good!

The only negative thing I can think to say about it is that it's possibly a bit repetitive, it doesn't feel like it really goes anywhere.

Anyway, thanks for the review!
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very enjoyable song, gave me an 80's movie kind of vibe - maybe just beef up the bass in the mix a bit more and turn the cymbals down, otherwise a really cool song
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well i may be a bit bias because i really hate 80's sounding synth things lol :P i'll try to be objective though.

first song- it sounds clear which is good. the vocals aren't too bad, you have some character in your voice which is probably better than being a good singer really. i found it to be a bit repetitive and didn't really seem to go anywhere to me. kind of an industrial feel to it too. not a bad song but i couldn't see it on the radio.

second song- not bad, starting vocals are almost bowie like, that's good i love bowie. but again it kinda just chugs along i find. i could see it maybe in a soundtrack if it weren't as synthy or maybe as it is depending what it was for. also it kinda just ends. i was expecting more but hey, it's always fun to mess with people's expectations.

overall, not bad but really not my style so i probably can't be a good judge of it. the sound quality was pretty good and everything is in time and all that. good job.
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Your voice really reminds me of 80's, that's for sure. Both songs are quality recordings, the music sounds very good. I liked 'people drive', it was a very weird feeling that touched me.
Is the voice processed as well? It sounds very atmospheric, fits perfect.
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GardenGnome26, Heliotrope, xghost88, YgO, archtek, zymn, hardwyre525, weorge, andy_h04, Blind In 1 Ear, and Greendaz,

Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! Are my vocals processed? I use a fair amount of effects: compression, echo delay, sometimes a bit of chorus, and sometimes some reverb.
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Well it's kinda hard for me to criticize your music cause everything falls in place just perfectly. These 2 songs are so different and unique that I cant imagine them sounding in any other way. One thing i didn't like was the sound of the drum kits - a bit to cheap for my taste but thats just me. The vocals are good and they fit the music really well.

BTW while listening to them I had an impression that they sound like some video game soundtrack with young Gary Numan on vocals, lol.
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Here we are again Mr. Aardvark. The song is well constructed. All the different parts do a good job of keeping interest. The song as who has a spacey dark vibe to it. I dig it. Kinda reminds me of Pink Floyd in a way. Nothing really bad to say. Keep it up

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I'm listening to "Looking for Clues" right now.

The intro has a lot of power to it, the synths are all really full and "heavy" sounding almost. The intro voice has an interest atmosphere to it, it fits well. The only thing I don't like is it sounds like there's a china cymbal? I don't really feel like that fits, but it's not terrible. The little bridge at 2:20~ or so breaks up the monotony a bit.

Overall, it's a pretty well recorded song, but I feel like it needs a bit of variation to keep it interesting. Keep it up man!
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Looking for Clues. Diggin' the intro. Riff drew me in. Vocals are gnarly, fit well with the song. Like the lyrics as well. Good song man. Your stuff is always really well done you got talent man. What do you use to produce? My only complaint is that it sounds video game-esque. Sounds like you are using midi. If that's what you prefer more power to you but I think some nicer patches could take it to the next level.

Good work though dude always a pleasure. Thanks for the crit on mine.
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I pretty much agree with what has been already said: the vocals are awesome, very fitting for the music. They give an old-school vibe, but the synths fall a bit on the artificial side, I think. Some more organic sounds would greatly benefit those tracks
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The_flower_king, Kevin Freund, TheBigProjekt, shortyafter, and dankhus,

Thank you for your comments! I appreciate it! Actually MIDI by itself produces no audio. It can trigger synthesizers and tweak virtual knobs. On these songs I used an old Alesis MMT-8 sequencer to trigger (using MIDI) a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas (synth module from 1991) for everything instrumentally (including drums) on "Looking For Clues", and most of everything instrumentally (including drums) on "People Drive" (which also has a real life Korg DS-8 keyboard synth circa 1988 for the bass synth and some race car sounds from a different source).
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Looking for Clues: synthy music like this is not exactly my thing. But when the vocals came in I really started to like it, a bit industrial maybe, which I like. I personally think it could do with some more dark fuzzy sounds. Maybe to add some more variation you could add little extra noises and details, maybe an extra beat on top of the existing beat for a certain section (I find that always works really well for variation).

People Drive: I like this one even more. Though again, I keep expecting fuzzy darkness! But that's just my personal preference, really. I guess I could give the same advice for this song as I gave for Looking for Clues, although I think it's more varied. It's good as it is.

Please give my song a listen too and comment: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1578204
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Looking for clues: it will be perfect for a James Bond film soundtrack! It has a similar feeling to Golden Eye or Thunderball. Nice vocals too. Do you sing all the parts? If yes, you have pretty good vocal range. Nicely done (and the better from the two tracks for me at least).

People drive: I am not a big fan of this style of music, but nevertheless I like your track. It is little monotonous but the solo at the second minute was a nice surprise. Maybe you can try to break the monotony of the rhythm.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1579329
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Soldier Poet & Imraotnh,
Thank you for your reviews! I appreciate it! Yes, I sang all of the vocals in both songs.
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looking for clues: love the 70s/80s vibe of the song, especially with the corny vocals and dirty synths. mixing is really good, although maybe you should have some more audible guitars since this IS a guitar forum (not that it affects the quality of the song haha)

people drive: slap bassy intro is awesome, although IMO an actual bass would sound better. Love the lead synth than comes in around 1:00. maybe play around with the EQ a bit so that the vocals are more clear without having to turn up the volume, why may make the mix too muddy.

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