Hi guys, not been on in a while but need to get some gear shifted so hello again!

Selling my Laney VH100r head, 100w full valve with built in reverb. Comes with the FS4 footswitch also.

This thing is a total monster, I don't think there's any conceivable sound I haven't managed to get with a bit of fiddling... versatile as they come, and loud to boot! MILES of gain to use, but with more than enough headroom to control!
I don't get the chance to crank it ever since I don't have a band I play guitar in any more (BOO!) and my neighbours don't like the amp as much as I do...

There's a little bit of tarnishing on the silver, some of the letters have come off on the silver face also (dunno how) and there's a little freying on the tolex, but that's all typical aesthetic gear for a well loved amp head. I only had the chance to gig this 2-4 times as far as I remember, other than that it's been kept in a smoke free home and well loved.

Now this big beastie has been revalved with a set of 6 of these pricey numbers -Here!
and the power amp has Sovtek 6l6's - can't find the exact ones.

I'm looking for £550 but I'm open to offers... at this point in time, I probably won't be interested in trades unless it's a nice 7 string.

Any questions, gimme a shout. Peace! Mike

PS Photobucket is being a ****ing helmet so I cannae get photo's up - drop yer email if you'd like them sent
If you're interested when you've got the cash BC, lemme know If you're serious about buying I could look up courier prices and such in the meantime.