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Quote by gregs1020
warpig i have no problem with you, you know that.

I didn't really think you did, I just figured maybe I did come across as a bit of a jerk so I should explain myself.

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I actually do not recommend doing agin on poly finishes, its just not right.

That's good to know for future reference.
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I have a problem with you though Warpig

The examples if Nicks work are a bit much in my opinion, but they are incredibly well done but just not to my taste.

In my opinion, unfinished or nitro guitars age and relic, nicely depending on the extent of the cracking/fade/wear. Similar effects on poly guitars is just damage to me.

The old Fenders relic because they were nitro'd right? Hence why the modern ones just look like rubbish when people just bash them about with the aim of aging it.
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Well my fender gets worse by the day. I dont even have to help it no more. If i knew how, i would post a photo. I am amazed how quick it goes..... my EJ strat doesnt age yet, while my american standard tele looks like it has been played on for years..
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You want relic? Buy a nitro finish guitar and just play it.

Poly guitars just get beat up, they dont wear or age like vintage guitars.

And I dont care what anyone says, all guitars should be nitro. Poly finishes impede tone. But I digress, thats a whole other worn out (pun intended) subject.