Hey guys,

I own a cheap strat and I want to try to improve it to the max. So I was thinking of putting a floyd rose in instead of the cheap bridge that came with it, and plant some EMG DG20 pickups.
My only problem is I dont know it the DG20's pickguard will let me fit a floyd rose in there.
Any help?
I want to figger this out before I buy the gear and then watch it fail so please help.

IIRC the Floyd route is bigger than the standard 6 point tremolos. You'll probably have to cut a bit off the pickguard to fit it.
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It won't fit. Additionally, it is cheaper to buy the pickups and EQ controls separately and simply fit them to your current pickguard, rather than paying the inflated price for a pre-loaded set in a box with David Gilmour's photo printed on it.
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