I've been playing for a few years now with my Squire Strat, but I've been more interested in Metal/Punk. I've been trying to play some All that Remains, We came as Romans, etc. I was looking at the Ibanez RG370DX and RG370QMSP. I would assume the QMSP is more expensive because of the design, but I wanted to make sure it has the Humbucker pickups that the 370DX has. Any suggestions/recommendations?
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My budget is under $500. Location is home, not for any professional use

USA? If so, consider the used market. You can get Japanese RGs used for $500 or less. Totally worth it, imo.
I wouldnt bother with the RG100-200 series line.Ive got around a dozen ibanez rg's, my recommendation is the RG350 for your $500 budget and want a NEW guitar. One thing i noticed about the 350 is that the older korean made ones are much better quality than the newer indonesian ones, so if you can find an older one get it. The RG470 is (or was) made in Japan also but it just doesnt feel or sound as good as the RG570. If you can go USED then get a classic RG570 online (they arent cheap), or for alittle more money an RG1570 which is the 2007+ version of the 570, they moved it to the prestige line. Either of the two are made in Japan and of highest quality.
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