Some help figuring out a song? (Legionnaires Lament by the Decemberists, bass)

So, me and my chums are attempting to cover The Legionnaires Lament by the Decemberists, but I am having a hell of a time figuring out what's being played on bass. Can't hear it clearly enough in the song to really pinpoint it, and can find no tabs or anything for it.

Anyone able to help?
Im Sure that you can find an online mixer, and make the bass louder and the other instruments quieter, it should help you hear the bass a little more
^Best easy trick for isolation of bass is to up the pitch 1 octave. If you want to nail it super accurate, then additionally slow it down to 50 or even 25% of speed and you should be able to hear every single note quite clearly for most mixes. You can do this with an audio editor like Audacity but the best there is that I totally recommend and use to tab out is Transcribe which you can get a 30 day version at (it has preset equalizers for isolating bass/etc as well). Tabbing bass has become the easiest thing ever since discovering these methods.
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