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Yes, it is a food of greatness!
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No, I have no class or style...
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Voters: 98.
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What exactly went wrong? Did it stick to the pan when you tried to flip it, did it fall apart when you tried to flip it?
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I did leave it on the pan for a while and the underside turned light brown. It may have been because I used three eggs. I should try two next time and lower the temperature.

I wouldn't worry about how many eggs you use (I use like 5 in a tinyass pan), but I would lower the temperature.

Another suggestion I'd have is to occasionally take a metal spatula and make sure that the eggs aren't sticking to the pan. Even in a non-stick pan, I use non-cook spray or olive oil to make sure it doesn't stick.
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Well if you do your scrambled eggs like me you whisk together two eggs,a splash of milk and a little butter.
You whisk the eggs while its cooking so it does'nt form as a whole. that's scrambled eggs
An omelet is two-three eggs (depending on how big they are) whisked in a bowl then pour in to a warm frying pan with a little oil; an you leave it untill the bottom of the eggs is cooked into a king of egg pan cake, because its and omelet you can add what you want on the top which should be runny add onions, ham, cheese, mushrooms, peppers and thing you like and place under the grill until its cooked on the other side then you have your omelet.

place under the grill until its cooked on the other side


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Who the **** doesn't like omelets?

I prep mine with onions, mushrooms, bacon and pepper/hot sauce
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