I am looking to get a 12 String Acoustic Guitar, but I would prefer an amplified Acoustic-Electric one. I originally considered getting an Acoustic 12 String and mounting a pickup in it either in the Soundhole, or the Active Pickups that are mounted inside the guitar with onboard electronics.

Do you think the soundhole pickup would interfere with playing the guitar unplugged?

Would the soundhole pickup or the active "in guitar" pickup provide a better acoustic guitar sound amplified?

I was also considering getting a 12 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, but it would have to be under $380. I looked at the Fender CD-160SE, and I liked the sound of it, but I would like something closer to $300.

Thanks a lot.
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Usually getting a straight acoustic is a better idea and then install an aftermarket yourself. As far as which pickup sorry I cannot help you there.
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Go active/inside. I tried a Markley sound hole and it sounded... well... like an electric guitar, as opposed to an amplified acoustic