A buddy of mine, who seems to have no shortage of great songs coming from his mind, told me about this trick of his when I asked him about writer's block.

He said, every single day, write a song. Even if it's about something stupid, like what you ate for breakfast, or about something you saw on your way to school or work, etc. He said if you get out two stupid songs a day, it hones your craft and lets you write better serious songs when inspiration strikes. I've tried it for about a month know, and after the 30 or so dumb ass songs about the dump I took that morning... I was able to bang out 5 good songs in time for band practice, that were a lot better than what I had before.

Sorry if it seems stupid, or if anyone already does this, but I wanted to share it. Hope it helps someone as much as it helped me!
Sounds good man. I'll try it.
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it may seem like generic advice but it's a good habit.

recording what comes out is another good habit, but it may take a while to adjust to the added pressure. the payoff is you get to hear your music from a listener's perspective, which is often quite different to what you hear while plunking along.