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Hey everyone,

I know this is probably over asked but what is the best string size for standard D tuning? I like to have good tension, I'm thinking 11-54? Thanks in advance-

My specs:

B.C. Rich DLXJRVO Deluxe Jr. V
Frets: 24 jumbo 2.7mm
Factory strings: 9 — 42
Nut: 43mm
Scale: 25-1/2"
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Just experiment and see what you prefer. I would say probably 10-52 would do fine. 11-54 may be a tad too much.

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Its all preference. I'd want .012s at least, but you could use .013s or .014s, or you could use .009s or .010s.
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For Dstandard/Dropped C (the one tuning I actually used a ridiculous string gauge in), I used to got a set of EB 8's and an extra 58 gauge. It was something like 8 11 14 18 28 38 and 58 tuned to GDAFCGD high to low. Then when I got the D thing put on, a 58 wouldn't fit in the tuning machine, so I started using a 48 instead of 58. worked just as well.
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Thanks for the replies, I got some D'addario 11-52. chose 11 over 10 because I don't do a lot of bends and it adds a bit more tension.
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I use .11-.54 myself and found they have been killer for standard D and drop C. .52 would work fine as well, really depends how you like your thickness. I have tried everything up to .59 and back down to .49 over the years, it's always sweet when you finally find the ones that fit your style/playing the best.
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I use .10-.46 For everything from E to B standard.
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