Hello my fellow musicians!

Im here because I need your help to decipher some chords that I just can't make.

Could you guys help me out?

I want to play this acousticly but I can't figure out the Verse...

Here's the song:


Around :

There's a comment where I started getting everything out, I know the guy plays with Eb Tunning But Im taking this on actual E tunning.

I don't care as long as I get the chords!

There's a comment that says the next thing:

Intro: Emaj7, C#m7, Amaj7, F#m7, Dmaj7/A
Boogie Chord: C#m9
Verse (figure out the intervals, but these are the chords he stays on): C#m, A7add6, F#m9, A7add6
Chorus: C#maj7, Amaj7, F#m7, B7
Instrumental: C#maj7, Bmaj7, Emaj7 (Dmaj7 coming down)

He did nail a few parts, but where things get a little tricky is the verse, I don't believe he stays on those chords as this guy says.

So if You guys would help me out it would be a awesome!
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Ok I've figured out its something like

C#m D#smthng C#Somthng
F#Smthing G#weirdC#weird

smthng =