Today my wife was looking at facebook and saw someone selling a guitar. She showed me a crappy pic of a guitar. i saw Fender on the head stock so i had her message the guy to find out what it was. It was a 2000 Mexican strat. I was like ok lets see how much they want for it. By then, there were some more people starting to ask questions about the guitar too. He reply back saying he wanted $80 for it. So i asked if everything on the guitar worked and what shape the body was in. He said everything worked and that i could come out and try it out, and there there was normal wear in tear on the body.

Drove out to check it out. it had some minor scratches on the edges, but all the pick ups and controls worked. So i now have bought 3 guitars in the last week and a half. It has a maple neck with maple fretboard with S S H set up. the body is black. I couldnt pass up $80 for a Mexican Strat.
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HNGD dude; awesome deal
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I'll get some pic up tomorrow. I cant really give a good review until tomorrow either since my kids are asleep. besides, if i waited to post tomorrow after i had the pic and review, it really wouldnt have been a NGD since i would have had it the day before

I doubt anyone would have minded a second-day NGD thread.
Anyway, HNGD!
Took it to the guitar shop to have the strings replaced and go over the guitar and make any adjustments that it needed. $25 later I have another nice playing guitar. The neck feels great in my hand. After replacing the strings, it also sounds 100% better. Total investment $105. If I decide to ever sell it, I'm pretty sure ill be able to get that out of it, if not more.

Nice snatch!
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That's a steal.

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Nice find!! And props to your wife since it was her idea, even after your other new toys. That's a cool wife right there
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That's a great price for that guitar. It should feel nice, it's a nice guitar!
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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

$80? that's awesome

killer deal
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Cool wife


Where's Waldo?

You can easily get $250 for it. $300 if you wait on it.

HNGD! Gotta love strats
buy her flowers!
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