So at the moment I have a 1974 Takamine f340, one of the "Martin lawsuit" era Taks. I love the guitar but the frets have gotten pretty worn and the intonation is off. It needs work and I would like to get a new guitar to abuse on a daily basis.

Another problem I've been having is my hand. I injured it about 7 years ago and even though I play through the pain without issue, I find my hand just wont apply the pressure needed to properly play some of the cowboy chords when playing for an extended period. I don't let this stop me from playing acoustic but finding a guitar that's a bit easier on my hand is also a factor.

I've been looking for something in the 400-700 dollar range. Either an acoustic electric or a hollow/semi hollow body electric. So far I like some of the Seagull acoustic electrics and the Godin 5th ave series. Also I played a semi hollow Ibanez electric that I liked. I would also consider buying used. So basically looking for some advice on what you may think is a good bang for your buck guitar in that range.

I personally like to play Frusciante's solo stuff, 90's alternative stuff and just whatever sounds good to me but I also play alot of traditional country in a backyard band. I can't go straight electric although it would benefit my hand because I need that acoustic sound to play rhythm for the country songs. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and giving me any advice you may have.
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^ not really, he did ask about hollow and semi-hollows to look at.

Check out Gretsch guitars for hollow and semi hollows.
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Thanks Charvel, I haven't picked up a Gretsch to try yet..ill have to give them a shot next time I hit the stores. I'm beginning to lean more toward an electric that can still sound acoustic when needed...I can always pull out the old Takamine if I feel the need for straight acoustic.
No problem.

Also look at Hagstroms, the Viking ad Jazz models are their semi-hollow/hollow lines.

Epiphone also comes to mind with the Dots and Casinos.
Main Rig:

Epiphone MKH Les Paul Custom 7 - Ronda
Ibanez RG8 "Scarlet" - AKA The Rambanez
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Thanks for the advice..Ive never seen a hagstrom..something to look into. The Godins I've been looking for a used one so I can get better then their lowest end models. I'll keep checking the thread here while I'm on the hunt for this guitar and let ya know what I end up with.
There's quite a bit of difference between an electro-acoustic and a semi/hollow electric. The electric won't get acoustic tones and vice-versa. There are some electric guitars with built-in acoustic simulation though. If you want a bit of both, I'd suggest a Fender Acoustasonic telecaster, but it's a bit above your budget and I doubt you'd find one used.
Hrm...well I checked out the hagstrom jazz's yesterday and man they are nice looking guitars that seem to be made really well for the price...I think that off white jazz model has just ousted the Godin from the top spot on my list. OK off to check out the fender acoustasonic telecaster. Thanks everyone for the help so far.
So today I made my purchase. It was recently my birthday and I asked for either money or gift cards for a new guitar. I decided to get an acoustic electric instead of a semi or hollow-body electric. So today I went to Guitar Center and headed for the acoustic room. The first guitar I picked up was a Taylor and it sounded and played very nice. I then tried a Martin DRS1..it also sounded nice and played nice. Not quite as good as the Taylor though. The salesman came in and I told him my price range was between 500 and 800. He then handed me just about every single guitar in that price range and I was there for hours playing.

Nothing I picked up or was handed could compare to that first Taylor I played. I went outside a few times and took breaks to try to clear my mind...went back and picked up some more guitars. Still nothing could compare to that Taylor..not the seagulls or the breedloves..not the yamahas or even the Martins in that price range. The only one that came close in the price range was the Martin DRS1 solid sapele for $725.00. I played both for quite some time and decided the Martin just didn't have the playability of the Taylor. The tone was deeper and quite likeable but the Taylor was a full sweet sound, you could hear the individual notes very clear. I ended up buying the Taylor 114ce for $849.99, Not a single acoustic in that store under 1000 dollars could touch it.

Luckily I had a coupon that gave me $200 off if I spent $999. I added 3 years pro coverage and a wood-tone colored cable to bring my purchase to $999.97 and was able to take advantage of the $200 off. That added with my $200 of b-day money and I got the Taylor for $600 of my own money.
I was going to add a case to it but when I saw the gig-bag Taylor gives you for free I declined the hard case. Alot of padding in it and a sturdy structure.

I'm very pleased with this purchase and I'll update here after I've played it for awhile. Thanks for listening and giving the advice.
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