This is my final project for my Music Tech III class, and I figured I'd share it. The objective of the project was to produce a track that makes a lot of use out of electronic instruments. Everything but the acoustic guitar and vocals are MIDI. I'm pretty happy with it except maybe some rogue notes in the pitch correction which didn't agree with my vocalist's vibrato. Let me know what you think of the arrangement I made. And of course, C4C!

Sounds really nice. At first I think the drum sounds a bit thin, but it fits the song. You should focus on the vocals a bit more. The tune on 1:15 ("hair") is way out of tune... Seems to be caused by an autotune? You better use a plugin like "waves tune" to have manual control on the notes.
I think it's a good song too. Especially love the singers voice. Good work!

Thanks for the comment! I left one for you too.
I can see what you mean about the drums. It might be because they're just programmed in from MIDI and sampled drums seem to lack a good body or punch compared to the real thing. As for the tuning, I know it sucks in places haha. I was using graph mode in Autotune, but when I tried to write in notes over my vocalist's vibrato it just made a bigger mess than just being out of tune (lots of warbling). In a perfect situation, I should have just retracked him until he sang it right naturally.