Ok so I decided it's finally time to get myself a new guitar and I'm planning on going with a Fender Standard Fat Strat. The look I'm gonna go for is a white body, mint pickguard, and preferably aged looking plastic parts like the pickups, knobs, etc. Now I know that it's easy to change the plastic covers on single coil pickups, Fender even sells an aged accessory kit, however I was wondering how I could get that aged white/yellowing look on a Fender humbucker. I've seen coffee used to stain white plastic before but I doubt that can be used on a humbucker without damaging the electronics.

So I was wondering, does anyone knows of any way to get that aged white/yellowing look on a white Fender humbucker?

Any and all help is appreciated.
Kiwi brown shoe polish and a whole bunch q-tips would work.
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