On Saturday I brought myself a Fender Modern Player Strat in silverburst and whilst I'm waiting for it to arrive, I'm thinking about doing these things to it:
1, blocking off the trem
2, changing the pickguard to a white one with 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers instead of the H/S/S combination it comes with
3, having just 1 master volume and no tone knobs (since I don't use them anyway) with a 3 way switch.

Just wondering how difficult will it be to perform these mods, where to start and any tips would be helpful. Nearest guitar shop at the moment is a 2 hours drive away so would like to know if it's possible to do these myself first and have shop do it has a last resort. Plus I wanna learn to do these things myself!
Blocking the trem is easy, either get a tremol-no, or just inset a piece of hardwood behind the block against the body so the bridge can't pull up.

As for the pickguard, Warmoth makes custom strat pickguards with anything you would want. Just have them make one to your specs (HH, one volume pot), and then but some new pickups for it and get it wired up. For humbuckers, you will probably want 500k pots instead of the 250k ones on your Fender and a 3 way switch. This souldn't be a problem unless your guitar isn't routed for HH or HSH pickup configs, but I believe most strats are these days. Just take the pickguard off and look.





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