these are a few experimental tracks i've been creating over the last couple of months using a barebones setup. Primarily they are an electronic/psychedelic/ambient sound with a strong mix of synthesizers and guitar achieving a dark/muffled bassy sound. Quite intricate to explain though just give it a listen!


any feedback would be greatly appreciated and will follow back anyone who follows me!
"Glassy Sky": I liked the intro. At 1:15 it's a bit repetitive for me (I think some good vocals would help in this region). Sound is a bit muddy. Sounds nice at 2:00. Odd/sloppy drum fills at 2:30. Nice right after that: Like how it is more intense. I liked the song for the most part. Please review my music at this link:

thanks for the feedback guys! generally i did write these songs with ambient style vocals in mind, but lacking a singer keeps them as instrumentals for now!

if anyone else is taking a listen, more feedback would be greatly appreciated