Hey Guys,

So I recently began playing Electric guitar, i've been playing acoustic for 11 years of so. I posted on here a few days ago and got some great replys relating to a good tube amp for gigging. I have since thought about it and realised I doubt i'll be using my electric for gigging just yet So here is my new question. My current Vox Valvetronix VT50 is about 4-5 years old. And the tone/ sound i get out of it with my fender Mexican strat is just this muddy horrible sound on most channels.

Firstly.. could this be that the single tube in the amp has blown?

Secondly... I'm considering buying a new up to date amp anyway.. with a budget of £350.00

Not specifically looking for a valve amp, could be something similar to what i have or by another company, ideally it should be 30-50watt or more. And lend well to Country, Blues, Classic rock. I may be, being completely un realistic but thought i'd ask the experts!
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The first think I am going to suggest is a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. It's a modelling amp like the Vox, but it's got a Tube Power amp and I like them a lot more personally. If you shop around used, you might be able to get one with one of the Sanpera Footpedals as well in your price range. You'll have to go used, of course.

If you want to go all-tube, the best option would be a Peavey Ultra or Ultra Plus. Again, these you can't even get new, so it'll have to be used.
Thanks for the reply. i'll be checking that amp out! Essentially i'm looking for the following:

-Something thats loud enough for gigging in small venues
-Something with built in effects, similar to valvetronix eg Delay, Compressor.
- Something thats quite versatile.

As a beginner electric guitarist, i don't want to buy a tube amp and then go out and buy the pedals etc, thats's something i look forward to doing in future, for now, i'd like an all round amp with effects built in.

Any other suggestions?
With all of that in mind, the best 3 options for you are:

Peavey Vypyr Tube 60

Vox Valvetronix (which you already have)

Fender Mustang

The Vypyr is by far my favorite of the 3. It's best at metal tones, but everything else is still quite good.
Excellent, would it achieve this kind of tone?


This is the sort of tone i go for when I play. Or as close as!

Also.. my Valvetronix has been barely played over the last 5 years but has been played on an off and the sound i'm currently getting just seems to sound dreadful, very muddy and flat on most channels, could it simply need a tube replacement?
I just got a Peavey triple xxx combo for $300
(>•&bull> $$$$$ <(••<

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I'm not too well versed on specific tones the Vypyr can do, as I've only tried them in-shop, not owned one. I imagine you can dial in something similar enough to that, though

K!d_MeTaL: He wants something with built in effects
I'm just going to be a dick and piss on all the advice in this thread

TS stay away from the Vypyr Tube, its really best suited to more heavier genres. I would say go for something like one of the following and then if you need some effects I will find you a decent drive and reverb too...

Just buy this:

Laney VC50 (the head costs £1000 new....) This amp is that good.


Seriously wonderful amp.

Will do all the tones you will ever really need. Would also give you change to buy a few pedals second hand.

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I'd suggest blackheart handsome devil, I own one and it's great
It doesn't have any built-in effects, so if you don't wanna buy all the pedals, you should consider buying a multi-effect. If you buy a cheap one, the price for blackheart+pedalboard should be similar to price of peavey

here are the reviews to compare:
Guys, thank you for all your responses! I will look into every amp that you've recommended. Is there any others you can all recommend?