Here's a track I've recently started working on. Its a dubstep track made in able ton with massive. Im really digging what I've done so far so thought I'd share it because its probably gonna change a lot by the end but wanted to capture this as it is cost it sounds so good to me. Any feedback would be great thanks.

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It is really early stages with this one, and really there's only material for 1 section there I doubled it up just to make it longer. Hopefully be at least 2 other different parts. I'll check that out.
pretty cool track dude, only suggestion is to really beef up the current kick or find a new one, the current one sounds really weak in the mix - bass would probably help too!
Safe for the feedback. I did layer up a sub bass, maybe I turned it off at some point, yeah I'll attend to those issues cheers :-)

edit - concerning the bass issue, looks like i fecked up and didnt set my sub to the right octave, and was changing the wrong synths settings so wasn't getting any bottom end. Good thing you pointed it out thanks dude!!!!
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