Whats the advantage of using an actual amp (w/ the 4 cable method) with the GT-100, or any FX processor, rather than a pair of nice stereo monitors? ...besides the volume, obviously.

I'm planning on buying a GT-100. I play all kinds of stuff from metal to rock to jazz. So far I've been using Guitar Rig 5 and it's... meh... just meh. Good enough. I don't gig. I just kinda mess around with my own tunes and improve to BTs. But now I want something better.
With an amp, you're using the amp's tone and just using the GT's FX on top. With a monitor, you're using the GT's built in amp sims as well as it's FX. The GT units have great FX, but as for the actual amp tone, real amps sound a lot better in most cases.
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whats your budget?
where do you live (across the sea could be Europe or Australia)?

the i just got my first studio monitors and love them. the are the krk rocket 5"ers. $150 for the pair on clearance at my GC. i actually got them for my synth (which my wife won't let me open until Christmas). i really like them.

the main difference is that good studio monitors are full range flat frequency response speakers, which means that what you hear is what you get. they aren't bass heavy mid heavy or anything like that.

guitars amps are different. speakers make a big difference.

i am unfamiliar with your MFX unit, but with the four cable method you just use the effects in loop that belong there and whatever you want out front to be out front.
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