Im currently using a drop Bflat tuning on my Hamer Vector XT series with 12-60 gauge strings,

the scale length is 24 3/4, and i always seem to having tuning and intonation problems,

i was thinking of replacing the nut and the machine heads in hopes of fixing the tuning issue

but i'm starting to think the scale length is the biggest problem overall

i'm looking at 25.5 scale length guitars, but don't know if that is long enough for drop Bflat tuning bringing me to my question

what is the minimum scale length needed to successfully do drop Bflat tuning so i don't have problems with tuning/playability/intonation etc.
You can get away with Drop Bb on a 24.75" it's the big "In flames" and "Amon amarth" thing to use shorter scales with their respective lower tunings. It's all in your setup and string gauge preference, if you're finding that you're getting tuning problems maybe try some heavier strings, or take the guitar in for a full setup it.

It is all a matter of preference in terms of scale length, you can get away with that tuning at any scale length if you make the right allowances for it.
Get a compensated nut and some new machine heads. And Intonate the guitar. You should be in business. No reason a shorter scale guitar would be too off on intonation
i just ordered a graph tech nut and i plan to buy some 18:1 ratio grover locking tuners, the Vector came with these Hamer brand machine heads that are just garbage...i think they were made in china

i already replaced pickups, pots, toggle switch...maybe its not a scale length problem...it's a "made in china" problem
Quote by hmmm_de_hum
it's the big "In flames" and "Amon amarth" thing to use shorter scales with their respective lower tunings.

haha thats why i was confused, i saw jasper and bjorn from in flames using gibson's and tuning them to drop Bflat and i was like " but i thought people say you can't use 24 3/4 scale length when tuning low" but it sounded just fine

im a big swedish metal fan btw
No problem here either with 24.75 scale.. I'm using .17-.68 in Bb .. But really .13 .17 .26w .36 .46 .62 minimum IMO..
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The minimum is probably much shorter than that. It just depends on if you like the sound. I'm not a fan of thicker strings, so I opt for the longer scale length.

If you have intonation troubles, check your string is seated in the saddle properly. Otherwise, you might need to buy (or make) shorter saddles so you can move them back far enough.
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I was told by the tech I brought my guitar to that, when tuning down to drop B-flat (I use Ernie Ball Cobalt 'Not Even Slinkies'), fret buzzing is inevitable.

Is this universally true, or will something like having a dead-straight neck and/or a better quality bridge (I'm using the stock tune-o-matic on a lower-end Jackson dinky) rectify this? I've never had this problem with past guitars I've owned where I've tuned down to C standard, so I'm a little confused here.