hi, thinking of doin a purely aesthetics mod on a guitar. i have an old washburn i dont use anymore that i was gonna have a go on but its got quite an arched top and a flat top is more preferable for what im doin, so can anyone suggest the best brand name flatop for under 100 quid, i know its a long shot but its my first attempt and i dont want to spend to much on it and i would like to play it often aswell so it would need to sound pretty decent too.

cheers ladys and gents

What kind of mod do you plan on doing?
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i plan to create a shallow level on the top and place inside a layer of sheet metal. james trussarts steeltop series follows the same sort of idea but im unsure of the process, this one is a trial and error run really.
hmm... well if it doesn't work out, you can always take the top off completely and glue some shelves in it. when the top cracked on my Samick thats what i did. now it hangs on the wall and holds my extra strings,tuners and capos. it's a great conversaton piece !
ha ha thats brilliant! might look a bit out of place with my other furniture but thats awesome