Does anyone know anything about this? This looks like one of those 'too good to be true' sites. The goods are sold under the big names with clear headstock pics.

I got there through an ad/banner/ link on Facebook

The prices are much lower than you'd expect to see (BIG alarm bell rings!) but then again they're not ridiculously low like on some of the rip-off sites.

It's not clear exactly what the site is - is it like EBay, DHGate etc, just the shop window that sellers trade through, or is the site the seller's homepage? There doesn't seem to be any 'about' info or contact details (BIG alarm bell rings!)

The ads look more convincing than some of the amateurish tat you see on the scam sites; fuller product details, better English. Still the photos of the goods look like stock pics, rather than real-life guitars.

I'm reluctant to believe it's genuine at these prices, but then seems a cut above the obvious scam/fake stuff you see on the net, and looks like it actually knows what it's doing and means business. Any ideas / experiences?
On top of the sketchy stuff you pointed out, they don't include any of the actual guitar brand names(Gibs instead of Gibson, Fen instead of Fender). I'd say it's pretty obvious this isn't legit, you just aren't gonna get those guitars at those prices.
I call shenanigans, total scam.
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i clicked just one "Fen" and they only show the back of the headstock. and those arent fender tuners....

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The Gretsch's I looked at did show the logo on the headstock, so that could just be dependent on the guitar.

Also, there is a contact page - apparently they're available "7/24". Lots of other similar grammar errors, and a choice of currency so there's potential for it to be a genuine eastern site....

....but the prices just make me not believe it. A full-on Gretsch for less than the price of an Electromatic? Not a chance in hell.
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These are definitely counterfeits. Let's not give them any free advertising, please?