i just want to learn blues guitar rhythm and lead, i know a few scales and thats about it. i would so love to understand and learn all the keys on the fretboard, the scales ect.. im willing to put in the hours but its so overwhelming i dont know where to start. Please help!!
One of the great blues guitar teachers is marty schwartz, he has a great web site called guitarjamz.com he offer a 3 days free trial to his site no credit card info or anything just register... you can download the lessons and when the 3 days are over you can register with another email and so on...
Or you can learn from justinguitar.com no need for registration. it's completly free. But i really recommend marty schwartz lessons...
Good luck!
Hey thanks! Yes I learned a lot from Marty's YouTube videos. Problem is they are all over the place, don't know where to start.. Also right now the only acess I have to the net is my cellphone so can't be watching vids, do you know of any written material I can read for now?
you're welcome. Yes i know but the lessons in his website are organized and teach you in depth not just tricks like youtube videos.
I'm sorry i don't know any good websites for articles but you can google it maybe you'll find some useful articles until you access to a computer or wait for other replies.
best of luck!!!
Something strange is cooking here...

both Marty and Justin are good. You know who the best teachers are? B.B king, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, etc. So while you use these guys, don't forget to transcribe stuff! (I'm pretty sure that they tell you to transcribe stuff anyway, so listen to their advice).
there is nothing strange at all. the man wants FREE lessons so i mentioned two of the best teachers online, why is that strange???

anyway, i just wanted to help...
If you ever tried looking up a "how to play a song" on youtube i'm sure you came up with a Marty Schwartz. He has a terrific website that has all you need! Try it! You can by pass paying by just getting your 3 days of free trial on a new email every time.