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Hi all, recently made a demo/WIP version of a metulz song that I've been working on, and would really appreciate some feedback if any of you guys want to have a listen! I wrote all the instruments, played them and programmed synths/drums. I also did the vocals, but I didn't write the lyrics.


A couple of things, I'm not a vocalist by any means, but I wanted to make a version for demo purposes, and to show my buddy, who may be doing the vox in the final version, how I envisaged it to be timing-wise.

It's by no means finished, and pretty rough around the edges in production, but I'd appreciate both positive and negative comments about it!

This song was written in a totally different way to anything I've done before, and I'm not sure how I feel about the flow, but the structure (or lack of) was loosely decided at a very early stage around the lyrics.

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Death metal vocals are not my thing, though yours seem OK for the genre (I usually much prefer melodic singing though your melodic singing is a bit pitchy). Guitar playing is reasonably tight overall (could be tighter at times though), the guitar riffs are my favorite part of the song. I play synths, but I'm not sure yours really fit the song. Drums are good for the genre. Perhaps you could review my music at this link: