Hello! This is a slam/death metal song that I wrote called Unwillingly Dutiful, it's part of a 5-song story that i've written that takes place in the World of Warcraft universe(that's where the quote in the beginning of the song is from), and it's my first recording of me actually playing guitar. There would be vocals over it if i could do them myself or knew somebody that could.


Everything you hear was written by me; I programmed the drums and recorded my guitar directly into my computer using Audacity. I also recorded it one take so there are a couple little mistakes.

I really love feedback and i'd love to hear what anyone has to say about my song, good or bad! I'll gladly critique a song of yours in return!
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The guitar sounds pretty damn good for just going through Audacity. The drums don't sound that great, in particular the cymbals, but that's what you get with Tux drums. My main problem with them is that they sound faker than the guitar and it creates an uncomfortable disparity. From a songwriting point of view, it's pretty rudimentary, but slam usually is, and this slams like a mother****er so it's all good. Some of the hurky-jerky stops don't feels as smooth and organic as they could, so mess around with that a little. The ending riff is straight-up bitchin' and reminds me a bit of Carcass. Overall I like it.
Hey there

First off this sounds heavy as a fat man full o' lead! It gives me a very Mortician-esq feel which is no bad thing. The composition is good in my opinion - it has enough changes to stop me getting bored even in the absence of vocals. The guitar tone is meaty although a ouch muffled sounding.

The recording isnt great but you already kinda acknowledged that, and it seems to be due to your equipment/set up. I agree that in some parts the drums need some work. The cymbals do sound frighteningly bad. My advice would be to have a look for a free drum synth and try that - you should be able to get a better sound from it.

Look forward to hearing some more when you get a better set up going.