Howdy folks. It is that wonderful time of year and I want to share something very special. James Hetfield's LTD model Snakebyte in Snow White. This guitar is beautiful loud and awesome. It features the Hetfield set of EMG pickups and the guitar screams. I bought this guitar BRAND NEW from ESP for 1150 dollars (after tax) and I have played it twice from the comforts of my own home. This guitar comes with a form fitting hardshell case and I restrung it with my personal favorite set of strings, Ernie Ball Cobalt Power Slinks. Why am I selling it? Well times are tough, t'is the season and this is a great luxury but I am downsizing everything that I don't need. Getting it at 1000 is a STEAL because you cant get it that low at any local Music Store and those instruments have been played by anyone who walks in the door and it comes with a form fitting hardshell case. So here is your chance to get a bargain on a great guitar from a great company just in time for Christmas. Make it a gift for someone you love or for yourself, either way the receiver is guaranteed to be delighted!! My asking price is 1000 plus shipping costs, but I am not afraid to negotiate. Make me an offer. T'is the season to shred folks!

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