Hi UG,

Looking for some help on installation as the EMG Forum wasnt very helpful at all!

I have just bought a set of EMG 81/85 and want to install them into my ESP Ltd. I also bought the EMG 3 Way Strat Style Solderless Pickup Selector, basically because I foolishly ripped out the old selector as I have no idea how to Solder and dont want to risk it! As far as I know, there is no installation diagrams on the net for just a basic 2 humbucker install with Master Tone/Volume Control, NO SPC and the selector switch, the diagrams I got with the parts are like jibberish to me.

Can anyone provide photos or diagrams to help me with my install?
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The wiring diagrams were crystal clear to me when I installed them into my guitar, and I knew nothing of how it all worked at the time.


From what I understand from your post, you want to look at diagram #7, and ignore the SPC control part. Then connect the wires to the jack as shown in diagram #10, but connect the wire to the Master Tone pot rather than Master Volume of course.
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