Well, I wouldn't get that particular one because you can buy a new one for not much more. MIM Fenders are great, though. Just make sure you get it set up the way you like.

You could wait for an American, but depending on your financial situation, it might not be worth the price. MIMs with some simple modification and a good setup can be almost as good as or potentially equal to MIAs.
I've had a MIM Telecaster for about 15 years and still love it - one of the best purchases I've ever made.

You need to play an MIM and a MIA version to compare them to decide if it's worth saving up for the more expensive version - we can't decide how much you want one guitar over another.

Like the last guy said though, don't just dive in & buy this one, look around to see what other offers are available. Even if you decide against saving for the US version, you may decide it's worth saving to get a brand new MIM version.
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^ +1

and also consider japanese ones (and non-fender japanese ones, like e.g. tokai. Bear in mind the cheaper tokais aren't japanese-made, though).
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Personally I like my MIM Tele as good as any non Custom Shop USA Tele I've ever played, but I did get a better than average one I think.