Hello i was wondering when starting out practicing Wide Vibrato in the style of Zakk Wylde i have found my finger really hurts do i just have to push past pain barrier or could i be doing it wrong cheers
I think you might want to build up to that, pain is never good despite what some people say. If it hurts, it's most often a bad way to play do things.

I would recommend you do a lot of bending since that is a good way to strengthen your fingers. Start on the thinner strings far up the neck and practice bending in tune, cause this will also be beneficial for your vibrato later on.

If you do this for a solid 5-10 minutes everyday your fingers will get very strong, especially when you feel so comfortable you can move to the thicker strings and bend all well and good without any pain. This is just an advice to build hand strength, not on vibrato.

You could probably practice Zakk Wylde vibrato now though, without pain. You just have to do it slowly and make sure your vibrato is in tune and even, and you don't have to apply too much pressur to it.

Just remember, pain = bad.
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It´s just a matter of building callus, it takes a few days. Also take into account that Zakk is playing dropped and lower tunings most of the time which means less string tension. Makes wide bending and vibrato easier. You can just use light string gauge.