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Fat chick with nice face
23 26%
Ugly chick with banging body
53 59%
der both gud lol
14 16%
Voters: 90.
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Strange Juice
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With the new pictures I`d go butt face.
(Your not saying we`re marrying these girls right?)
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I'll come out 3 years after the end of the world

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Nah, just a hypothetical situation where you're all tied up and you NEED to bang one or the other... or both. Maybe then they cancel each other out.
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Okay, those new ones are much better examples. Still though

I dunno, I guess butterface and I don't see her face. That's assuming this is all just sex
Thou mayest
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Fat chick

edit: @Those calling sexism. Yeah, probably, but I don't think it's doing any harm to any individual, so I don't see any harm in playing along.
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Those last two pics definitely look photo shopped. Regardless, I'd definitely bang the butterface.
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I happen to like fat chicks, so this is easy. That harpoon chick.
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Quote by ErikLensherr
I don't see weight or faces. Learn to appreciate girls' personalities you shallow pricks.

Get off your high horse, you party pooper

A woman's physical attributes is generally what attracts men to them, their personalities is what makes men stay with a woman. Its not shallow, its called "try before you buy", and thats completely logical
Princess Pineapple
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This thread makes me lose faith in humanity. /shrugfiesta

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So 'crunk and 'gandhi are already pussy-whipped, impressive.

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you just think they're being mean to you because you have fragile girl feelings
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Easy, fat chick.

More Cushin' for the pushin'

That and she can always lose weight.
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add me

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Definitely the bigger chick, long as she's nice. Pretty face + good personality > good body but flaws everywhere else any day.
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Quote by kimberlydawn
This thread makes me lose faith in humanity. /shrugfiesta

Go to the thread about the first time you asked someone out, or the confessions thread. They're much, much worse.

Edit: In a way, I mean.

In another way, everything about UG makes much more sense reading through those two threads.
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Strange Juice
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Quote by stonedhippos
this is one of the most tasteless threads i've seen in a while.

You must not be here often...
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Quote by FireFromTheVoid
I'll come out 3 years after the end of the world

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...not knowing anything else just one time sex


but honestly id rather have a nice full girl with a pretty face than a skinny one with a face i dont like since thats what im going to spend most of my time talking to
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This is why we have alcohol. Get drunk, do them both.... Yeeehaaawww!