Okay guys, next week I'm heading off to an all ages hardcore punk show w/friends. It's my first indie concert I've ever been to, so what is there to expect, besides music of course?
"All ages"

"Hardcore punk"


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"All ages"

"Hardcore punk"


I thought it was weird too. Maybe that's because the bands have high school students in them. The headliners are well into their twenties though.
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I've been to one of those shows before and they aren't that bad. There were some douche bags but there but most of the people where pretty cool. A guy brought a huge ass knife in, but it was really only for show. Most of the people who mosh are pretty small from my experiences so you shouldn't have much of a problem
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Definitely that ^

What the actual **** was that??????

Also, prepare for your ban.
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"All ages"

"Hardcore punk"


all ages shows are ideologically aligned with the inclusive ethics of hardcore punk.
sorry you have to go through that.
the first and only one i went to had the headlining band tossing out abstinence education pamphets at the end of their show.
not to mention just before that the band that was being moshed too and by a guy that decided he didn't like losing the moshing and started aiming his punches at peoples faces.
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all ages shows are ideologically aligned with the inclusive ethics of hardcore punk.

I've honestly never in practice seen anything inclusive about any strain of punk.

That's not an attack or anything. I've just always seen the "punk" ethos as seeking like-minded individuals with similar passions whether that be straight-edge or just ****ing shit up. Either way, they occasionally make some cool music, and are often passionate, interesting people.

As for local all ages shows (or "indie" as TS put it), the thing is to remember there will be douchebags and there will be high school BS nonsense. The trick is just to have fun and stick around the people who know how to have fun. Even if you go with a friend who sucks and doesn't know how to make the best of an event. Ditch them. Have fun. If you're paying $5 to get in, make the best of it.

If there's anything you should remember, it's have fun. Also, GG Allin was pretty crazy cool, but moreso in theory than practice.

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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.

Punk is still a thing?
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