No matter how much I practice there is always some fret noise or string I didn't mean to hit or a chord I couldn't wrap around in time of the part causing fret noise...

anyone else have this kind of problem? I've been trying to record the same part for 3 hours now
Masking tape over the strings behind the nut can help with string noise; if you're playing a part with no open notes, moving the tape onto the first fret to deaden the strings will eliminate nearly all string noise.

If you get nervous recording but can play the parts just fine, turn on record and diddle around a bit then try playing the part.
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instead of tape, ive seen people tie a bandana around the neck or use a wrist sweatband. if it is fret noise from not switching fast enough, i would practice the part a bit slower, then move back up to speed.
Thanks for the help all. Got one more question....I know I am suppose to record two parts for a single guitar part to fatten the sound....but when I do so it sounds like its going through a chorus pedal. any suggestions?
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As people mentioned, a wristband or some sort of slight muting thing to put on your strings should work. I also find going through a noise gate helps mute those minor touches. Any bigger issue is just practice. Recording is a lot different than other styles of playing.

Also, for double tracking, if you're getting a chorus-like sound the tracks are probably too out of phase. You could try inverting the phase of one track, or just re-recording with a different mic position until you don't get a considerable out of phase sound.