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Hi Guys,

I just got hold of an original Ovation Breadwinner. Needs some cosmetic work as its scratched and dinged all over and a fret redress. The tuners are (good quality) replacements but everything else is original.

My question - it has the original bridge, IE the one with the plastic saddles. I want to replace this with something top notch but as authentic looking as I can get. Any suggestions.
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Leave it.

Ovation electrics are high quality and rare. The bridge is top notch and should not give you any problems. Not to sure what you mean the saddles are plastic. I do know the area behind the bridge is plastic but every Ovation bridge I have seen has had brass saddles.

I would consider restoring the guitar, not modding it out.

I have a Viper 3 with the same bridge and have had zero issues using it.

This might help with what you need to do to replace the bridge.
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You should look into whether you can just replace the saddles, if you are determined to get rid of the plastic ones. A lot of the Ovation solidbody electrics were considerably different from other guitars with respect to the bridge. You aren't likely to find too many replacements, and if you find one, it will probably be as close to the original as possible. I'd leave it as it is.
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Ask your questions over at The Ovation Fan Club. They can point you in the right direction for Ovation parts and restoration tips.
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