On a old 86 Charvel Model Series 3 the frets are really worn down and need to be replaced. I live about a hour from anywhere, and GS and they tell me they want $400 for a refret..and throw in a setup for free.!!?? Gee..Bend Me Over!!! If I can get another heck for the guitar..will it still play the same..or is it best to do a refret on the origional heck?? I'm not that interested in buying a used 20 yr old neck off ebay,,one doesn't know until you have it in your hands! Pictures only tell so much. So..I need some opinions as which is best to do! Help! Thanks.
you'll need a setup with the new neck anyways. is it a bolt neck or a set neck on that? guessing bolt. Also I had a refret done at my shop for 300 on my Gibson Sonex to get bigger frets they had some great stainless fretwire and redid the neck was just what I was looking for so I guess it's a matter of what you think is best. getting a new neck you could end up in this same situation in a few months/years so maybe the refret is better in the long run.
or look into getting the wire and attempting a DIY job if you think you can handle it.
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If it is a neck that you really love, get it refretted. $400 is kind of crazy, but I've seen jobs $250 for an entire refret. Just having 2 or 3 frets redone isn't that big of a deal and shouldn't cost you anywhere near that kind of money. I'd look around a bit before taking it to your local shop and paying that kind of money. There are a lot of good shops that can do the work for a decent price if you are willing to send it in.
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well if you can get a "heck" that's in good condition that's the quickest solution and it should feel as good as new if it is indeed in good condition. That's what i did with my RR3 that had severe fret wear. There is however something to be said for a refret though... I recently did my first refret on what was effectively a scrap guitar and it did make quite a difference in how the thing felt to play. Felt far smoother than stock (though bare in mind this was an el cheapo piece of crap i learnt to play on almost 20 years ago) so if a refret could be worth doing. Ultimately it's up to you but i think either option will be fine really.