Hello y´all!

I´m just starting out composing soundtracks á la videogame/movie soundtracks and I´m on the lookout for electronic drum VSTs. I´ve been really inspired by the Bastion soundtrack and here is two videos with examples of drum sounds I´m after!

drums starting at 0.14

drums starting at 0.05

If you can recommend any VST plugins for the job that would be amazing!
Addictive Drums has an electronic drum trigger expansion that could be pretty cool. There seems to be some effects as well in the recordings (compression/dist?)..
Bastion was great, btw Still have to finish it, though..

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The good news is those tracks are drum machine/synth style, and not acoustic drums, so it's much easier to do on a budget.

Realistic acoustic drums are a bastard because there's so many levels of dynamics and different hits - you need big libraries of samples that can take up gigabytes! Drum machines and electronic ones are much easier, since they're synthesised and you're not trying to fool anyone!

Check out some of these VSTs:

- Drumatic 3 / VE
- MiniSpillage
- Tromine GT
- The Drumsource

You will also find Soundfonts hugely useful for this kind of production, more so than VST plugins. Cakewalk offer a good free soundfont player if your DAW doesn't have its own.

This is good place to start for percussion/drum soundfonts:

Addictive Drums is the best VST for dynamics and out-of-the-box sounds but I also dig blending samples from Steven Slate Drums 4. I use AD with a TD-15 with great results.
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Addictive Drums is the best VST for dynamics and out-of-the-box sounds but I also dig blending samples from Steven Slate Drums 4. I use AD with a TD-15 with great results.

I dunno man... A lot of guys around here seem to rave about the Addictive Drums stuff, but having finally spent some quality time with it a few weeks ago, I didn't like it at all. I mean, it has its moments, but SSD is FAR more out-of-the-box ready than AD is, unless you like super splatty kicks, dead sounding toms and unrealistic cymbals. Don't get me wrong, Addictive Drums CAN sound good but it is, by far, the toughest to get sounding realistic of all the drum sample libraries out there IMO.
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As a former user of Addictive Drums nonstop, I'm gonna agree with everything Matrix said. Though I do like the Reel Machines Adpak and am probably going to still use that until I figure out how to use Battery 3.

Which, speaking of Battery 3, perfect for what you're looking for if you don't mind spending some $$$
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I got to have a play with Addictive and the Retro expansion the other week and it's not a patch on Superior - it sounds so much less realistic. Wonderful interface and great workflow, though.

I've got a pretty high quality electric kit which I use for jamming and recording, and Superior is comfortably the most realistic feeling one I've tried. The hihats feel much more authentic (especially with transmutation) and . I hate the sound of the stock Avatar kit though - I can spot it in a mix a mile off. NI Studio Drummer looks nice but I don't like Kontakt for percussion much and apparently the edrum support is crap.

Analogue Drums' kits sound fantastic too.