Howdy all!

Just wanted to share a brief little EP/demo of acoustic tunes I recorded in my bedroom. The recording process was really chill, most of the songs were written at most a day before I recorded them, that way I couldn't fuss about them too much but instead just get em done! Recorded everything (except midi piano) with the Blue Yeti microphone! I hope you dig it, any feedback/comments are appreciated!


Subject matter is just about what you'd expect from an introverted 16 year old which I happen to be

Listening to your first song now (Broken Tele)

I really dig that piano intro, sounds really nice. Your voice also sounds good, it really fits the vibe I was getting from it. Song was a little on the short side, but it was sweet and to the point.

In your second song, I really like that guitar tone! The atmosphere that you created in it's really nice. Harmonies are spot on, sounds good. The little lead bits are good. The chorus is great! Absolutely love it, haha!

I really like your work, I'm just going to download your album!

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What are using for piano? Sounds a little bit thin and lacking in realism, which is a shame.

Might be worth grabbing a copy of the 'Piano One' VST, or the 'Salamander Grand', 'Soundbrewer Upright' or 'Maestro Grand' soundfonts. All very nice, warm, realistic sounding pianos.