I'm finally buying a new guitar tomorrow. I was interested in a Telecaster and I found a $250 dollar Dean Telecaster, tomorrow I'll try it.

Any advice so I don't make a bad inversion? I'm broke so I'm looking for anything in that money range. I was looking for a guitar that would go good with heavy delay/chorus/reverb and a Telecaster looked a good idea.
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MIM Tele? I hear bad things about cheap Deans. If you like chorus and reverb, you might try listening to the sound of a Danelectro. They have a pretty unique sound.
Squier VM Tele would be good for your price range if you can snag one used. I like the Squier VM Jaguar too, though I haven't seen them on the used market yet. I would also advise against a cheap Dean in the long term, they never felt solid to me.
I own 2 Deans that I love.

I say that to tell you this: do not buy a cheap (sub-$500) Dean. There are better options offered by other makers.
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